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Build expert workers to validate new software, check the enhancements or upgrades.


Customer focused, agaile. Always adapt to new technology.


provide quality training , prepare students for the future job market in the software industries.

Our story

QA Tek Solutions was founded in February 2016 by Rifat Halim and Mohammad Uddin with the inspiration to help the Bangladeshi Communities. As an immigrant from Bangladesh, we all come to the USA with great hope but not all of us got the proper guidance and opportunities to be successful. There is a tremendous need for skilled IT professionals in the USA job market in different platforms such as Technology, Health Insurance, Retail, you name it; everywhere you need skilled and trained workers. But due to the lack of skills in IT, a big number of people from Bangladeshi communities are deprived to grab those opportunities and ended up working in odd jobs.

The goal of our company is to help those people who would like to pursue their career in IT industries. Software QA (Quality Assurance) is such a field where it is not required to have a Bachelors’ Degree in IT/Computer Science. People from a different discipline are also capable to foresee their career in the Software Testing field as long as they have the rights skills set to perform the job.

Software QA/Testing has become an integral part of the software life cycle. Every day there is new software is being created, enhanced, and upgraded, and there will be the same cycle in the future too. Software testing helps to identify errors, gaps, or missing requirements contrary to the actual requirements.

Come meet us up close

Rifat M Halim

President & Instructor

Sr. Software Engineer In Test in the profession. He has been in IT Industries for many years. He is an expert Automation Engineer and working in different domains over the years. His style of teaching automation topics is significant and up to the demands of the current job market.

Mohammad Uddin

Vice President & Instructor​

SQA Engineer with Lowes Companies, one of the largest retail companies in the US. He has been in IT Industries for quite a bit of time. He has been an expert SQA Engineer and working in different domains. His style of teaching software testing is simple and deep.

Shajib Khadem

Technical Advisor

Shajib holds a Technical Advisor position in QA Tek Solutions Inc. beside engineering job and software development business globally. He has vast experience in telecommunications, automation, IT solutions, customer service & assurance, process improvements, change management, professional training development from the USA, Australia, the Netherlands.

Shajib Khadem
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