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Basic Computing for IT Help Desk Support

Shape up your skills to pursue an IT help desk entry level position with computer software & hardware basics, Microsoft office suite, networking fundamentals, customer service tools and troubleshooting.

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Weekend: January 22, 2022 

Weekdays: January 24, 2022

Course Overview

In this modern era, computer skills development and information technology (IT) knowledge are considered as an essential part. The demand for IT support or admin jobs is growing so fast due to technological integration and improvement in most sectors related to our everyday life. In “Basic Computing for IT Help Desk Support” course, fundamentals of computer software and hardware, software install and uninstall process, operating systems in different environments, Microsoft office products, networking concepts, customer service & assurance, customer experience, troubleshooting methods and relevant tools will be taught with industry examples.     

This course will provide complete guidance on how to provide technical assistance and support related to IT systems, hardware & software solutions as well as to manage customer expectations with professionalism in a timely manner.       

Course Outline

  • Computer Architecture including hardware and software
  • Operating Systems Basics (Windows, macOS)
  •  Managing files in different Operating Systems
  • Remote Desktop, Internet, VPN, Proxy Server
  • Video Conferencing Tool such as Zoom, Google Meet
  • Office Communication Tool such as Slack
  • Google Docs/MS Word, Google Sheets/MS Excel
  • Google Slides /MS PowerPoint, Gmail/MS Outlook
  •  Networking Concepts, IP Addressing, DHCP
  • Networking Commands such as ipconfig, ping, nslookup
  • Linux Operating System Basics and Installation Guide
  • Linux Commands such as pwd, mkdir, touch
  •  Customer Service Principles, Problem Solving, Effective Communication
  • CRM software such as HubSpot, JIRA
  • Examination
  • Mock Interview & Presentation
  • Job Interview Preparation

Shajib Khadem

Shajib Khadem​

Shajib holds a Technical Advisor position in QA Tek Solutions Inc. beside engineering job and software development business globally. He has vast experience in telecommunications, automation, IT solutions, customer service & assurance, process improvements, change management, professional training development from the USA, Australia, the Netherlands.

Course Instructor

Course Fee

$ 500

Course Schedule

  • Regular Class:
    • Weekend Batch: Saturday & Sunday, 10 AM – 12 PM, New York Time
  • Review Class: Thursday, 9 PM-10 PM, New York Time 


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Date (Weekend Batch)

09/18/2021 (Sat)
09/19/2021 (Sun)

09/25/2021 (Sat)
09/26/2021 (Sun)

10/02/2021 (Sat)
10/03/2021 (Sun)

10/09/2021 (Sat)
10/10/2021 (Sun)



Windows 10

Zoom, Google Meet

Microsoft Office 365

Atlassian jira

CRM software: Salesforce, Zoho


Command Prompt

Open chat